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Examine Cydonia

Martians Habitable Environment - Mars Cydonia Pyramid Cities

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D&M pyramid, the Face & more
Mars Cydonia Pyramid showing the D&M pyramid, the face, pyramidial mounds and more

Cydonia Pyramids on Mars

Included in the anomalies surrounding the Face are several giant pyramids - the chief among them being the massive D&M pyramid which has more mathematics associated with it than you can shake a slide rule at. Additional features include the Tholus, a conical shaped object just slightly bigger than the Face - and a Cliff, adjacent to a massive crater, together forming a giant number 10, which is perhaps the only coincidence in the entire region. A close group of smaller structures, named The City, contains over a dozen pyramid mounds - and a curious pile of rubble, that investigators have nicknamed The Fortress. Further off to the west, and only discovered relatively recently in neighboring Viking frames, are more pyramidial mounds and a possible second Face. Many more objects are likely to be identified as further high resolution MGS images of Cydonia, and in fact all of Mars, are released to the public.

All of these structures, besides jumping out at you on first glance, are aligned precisely to each other utilizing pheonomenally dynamic mathematical relationships; that scientists are only beginning to discover, much less understand their purpose. Given that these structures were laid out this way intentionally, it begs the question: why would someone go to so much trouble? Could they have been using Pyramid Energy to tap into the magnetic field of Mars, as a sort of infinite power supply? Were they trying to send a direct message to anyone with enough math skills to know what they were looking at? And for that matter, do we even have the faintest idea just what it is that we are looking at, when we examine Cydonia?

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Martians Habitable Environment
Mars Cydonia Pyramid Cities
About:The Monuments of the Cydonia region of Mars are perhaps the most fascinating ruins ever yet discovered by man - on any planet. On the shores of an ancient Martian ocean, now completely dry, Man's first probes to our nearest planetary neighbor have detected a group of mounds, surrounding the Face, that even at first glance appear unnatural and complex in design. Further investigation of the mounds shows that they were in fact arranged in a definite complex geometric pattern - one that could not possibly have occurred naturally, and apparently required much thought and labor to create, by architects who knew more about mathematics than we have the even optimistic ability to half way decode today. Predominant throughout the area, the angles implied by arrangement of structures within the City are of a relation to each other which suggests alignment to astronomical phenomena within this solar system - and beyond.
Work:Habitable Environment makes the growth of life possible.
More Info:The significance of the geometry found here, and therefore artificiality of Cydonia, cannot be understated - and should not be underestimated. It seems to call to us, using the universal language of mathematics, in simultaneously beautiful and complex patterns: "we were here." Whether this was the site's intended purpose, or just the way that the ancient architects designed this awesome site for their own purposes; there are seemingly countless angles here, that through thorough invsetigation cast out any hastened notions of natural erosion or random occurance.

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Pyramids on Mars

Learn about Mars Cydonia Pyramid Cities - Martians Habitable Environment.

History The Way of the Ancients
Like the Pyramids at Giza and Teotihuacan - Temples of the Gods
Mars Cydonia Pyramid Cities

Features Trigonometric Proportions of the City of Pyramids
Cydonia, Mars
Mars Cydonia Pyramid Cities
Features Smaller Mounds in the Complex
Arranged with Sacred Geometry
Mars Cydonia Pyramid Cities
Features Seaside Spaceport
ancient civilizations
Mars Cydonia Pyramid Cities

Information Old Sacred Spaces
Demonstrated the Importance of the Heavens
Mars Cydonia Pyramid Cities
Information Examine Cydonia
D&M pyramid, the Face & more
Mars Cydonia Pyramid Cities
Information Showing the Entire Cydonia Complex
Pyramids on Mars Fine Details
Mars Cydonia Pyramid Cities

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